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Welcome to Horizon MFG, where we redefine cleanliness. Our comprehensive range of home cleaning products is designed to help you maintain a sparkling clean and healthy living environment.

Cleaning Solutions for a Pristine Home

Explore our superior home cleaning products, all created with your convenience in mind. From kitchen cleaners to bathroom sanitizers, we make cleanliness effortless.

Efficient and Effective Home Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning Products

Discover our kitchen cleaning products that cut through stubborn grime and grease, leaving your cooking space spotless and inviting.

Bathroom Cleaning Products

Our bathroom cleaning products are designed to effectively sanitize and combat buildup, providing you with a hygienic, sparkling clean bathroom.

General Home Cleaning Products

Experience the ease of maintaining an immaculate home with our range of general home cleaning products. From cleaning sprays to floor cleaners, we've got your entire house covered.

Bring the Shine Home with Horizon MFG

With Horizon MFG, achieving a spotless, germ-free home has never been easier. Shop with us today and elevate your home cleaning routine!

Got Questions?

Need assistance in choosing the right commercial cleaning product? Our team of experts is ready to help. Contact us at, and we'll guide you to the perfect solution.

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