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All Wheels+

All Wheels+


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All Wheels+  – Because regular clean is so last season!

Let's face it: your wheels don't just want to look good, they want to feel good. And sometimes, that stubborn iron is like that uninvited party guest – just won't leave. MNKYHead to the rescue with our All Wheels+!

Thanks to the brainiacs at Horizon MFG and our MNKYHead touch, we’ve leveled up! Enter the world of All Wheels with an added bonus: the Iron Remover. Now, not only will your wheels look like they've been pampered at an exclusive car spa, but they'll also be free from those pesky iron contaminants. It's like a detox cleanse for your wheels!

Why MNKYHead’s All Wheels+ is the car enthusiast's dream:

  • Loves every wheel type: alloy, chrome, steel. It’s a true wheel whisperer.
  • Not only deals with the everyday dirt but goes deep to evict those iron squatters.

How to work that magic?
Make sure your wheels are cool... think cucumber. Give our All Wheels+ a good MNKY-style shake. Unleash the formula onto your wheels, and watch as it dives deep, turning purple as it confronts iron. A gentle brush and rinse later, and voila! Your wheels aren’t just clean, they're MNKYHead gleaming.

For those who believe in going the extra mile (or extra plus) for their ride, All Wheels+ is your tire’s new best friend. Shine on and turn every road into your personal runway!

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MNKY Head Car Care

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The Fine Print

Monkey-Proof Guarantee

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